Farewell, September

No, this isn’t my house…but it’s lovely, so it deserves a spot in the fall post.

I know I can’t be the only one wondering where September has gone. My family and I raced through a failed vacation, a yucky upper respiratory virus, and a book launch. Now here we are, almost to October. And, oh yeah, we started school somewhere in there too.

As I sit here in the dance hallway at CCM, sipping my pumpkin spice latte while my daughter practices her tendues, I realize that I haven’t taken a slow moment all day. I’ve been hopping from one thing to the next, with nary a breath. I bet you know the feeling I’m describing.

It’s a sure sign that it’s time to reconnect with my Self. To roll out the mat and turn on Yoga with Adriene. To spend more time outside, enjoying the sometimes cool weather, and the feel of the ground beneath my feet.

I hope you find a moment to do the same.

“Best call for the mother…”

Which is, of course, impossible when you are the mother. We all look a bit like Marianne around here. Well perhaps that’s too dramatic. I only feel like Marianne looks here.

Jane Bennet is more accurate. Fingers crossed that this is our first and last big illness of the Fall. One can dream.

Hopefully the virus will be vanquished by our White Blood Cell Knights, and I’ll be back to writing and posting lovely things by next week.

P.S. Fearing I was drifting into a fever dream, I decided to Google ‘white blood cell knight’ to see if anyone else pictured them this way. Nothing relatable came up, except an anime called Cells at Work. Is this a real thing? Sadly, I’m afraid my readers will not know.

My Own Austen Hero

“It is a handsome face…”

Created by Dawn Wells

How does one choose a favorite Jane Austen hero? I certainly cannot say which is my favorite definitively, but on any given day I can name my best-loved. Today it is Mr. Tilney, because today I had a small revelation while sitting for hours in the dentist’s chair.

That’s right. While in the dentists chair, desperately trying to distract myself from the many tools and noises around me, I decided to chose which Jane Austen hero my own husband was most like. At first, I thought of Mr. Darcy. He’s shy, passionate, can be gruff, and is also arrogant. Hmm…that last part didn’t quite fit. Also, he’s reserved beyond measure, much as I adore him.

If not Darcy, then who?

Then I realized, my husband may be shy, like Darcy, but he is forever teasing me and the kids. He loves the outdoors, has no interest in pleasing others at the detriment of himself or our family, and is generally a fun person to be around. He is my very own Henry Tilney. No, he may not have Henry Tilney’s ability to navigate a ballroom, but then, that suits me just fine.

The most handsome man of my acquaintance