Time Flies When You’re Having Kids

An hourglass sits on a table surrounded by clocks.
Photo by Jordan Benton on Pexels.com

I have a theory that as soon as you start having children, time moves twice as fast. Remember when you were small and stretches of time seemed to last forever? You wanted to grow up, be finished with school, do what you wanted to do.

Then you graduate high school, and time gets a little faster, but not much. You graduate and get a job. The days drag on and you seem to have time to spare.

Then you have kids. Zoom! Time goes by at twice it’s normal rate, and with every passing year it seems to get faster still.

I started writing The Foll Stones before my daughter was born. She’ll be thirteen in a few short months. (Pause for deep, calming breaths.)

My publisher has shown interest in a sequel to The Foll Stones, so I have returned to Terratalam (the land in which The Foll Stones takes place) and begun again. I’m seeing it all with different eyes now. These eyes have seen much more than those of thirteen years ago. I am hoping it brings more depth to my work (and not stodginess!), but time – ahem – will tell.

As life speeds by me, through me, around me, I try to stop and breath it all in. As someone once said, the days are long, but the years are short.

Take care, dear reader. XX

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