Coming Soon….!

I am so excited to share that my young adult fantasy romance has been accepted for publication by Meryton Press! I have been working on this story for so long, I can’t really believe that it’s truly going to be shared at last!

Here’s the back cover copy as it stands now. It’s sure to be edited, because writing back cover copy is not a strength of mine!

Terratalam is a world out of balance. It rains nearly every day, the crops barely produce, and kingdoms wage war. The Great Tree was destroyed so long ago that all that remains are myths and legends. 

Cleona Willow is more than ready for college. It means leaving her best friend Brian behind, which is harder than she’d like to admit. But studying in Ireland is her dream, and Cleona is excited to reconnect with her roots.

The two worlds collide when the necklace left to Cleona by her grandmother pulls her and Brian to Terratalam. There they must navigate the secrets of the past and their growing feelings for each other in order to unite the mythical Foll Stones and heal the land. If they don’t, they risk being trapped in Terratalam forever.

from The Foll Stones by Brigid Huey

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