A wooden table displays a pumpkin pie, challah bread, and a pumpkin roll cake. There are also white flowers, pine cones, and a candle on the table.

Dear Readers,

I find myself being moved to tears by the simplest things lately. My daughter shared a treat with her dad without a second thought, and I cried. My son gave me a sleepy hug as I tucked him in and told me, “I couldn’t ask for a better mama.” You bet I cried at that one.

Life right now is so overwhelming, and one of this things that helps me through each day is knowing that I am not alone. I know many of you have had challenges this year that go well beyond the pandemic. Life keeps moving along, and our other struggles haven’t stopped just because a pandemic is raging.

The world has been through so much this year. Now more than ever, it feels important to pause and give thanks. And so today I give thanks to the Earth, for providing us with a home. I give thanks for the Native Peoples of my country and recognize their continuing contribution to our world and our culture. I give thanks to my family and friends.

And I give thanks for you, dear readers. This past year you have welcomed my posts into your inboxes, my book onto your e-readers, and (I hope) my words into your hearts. I am forever grateful.