Music to Write By – New Finds

A black and white photo of a piano keyboard.
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Every once and a while a song will come up on Spotify that makes me reach for my phone and click that little heart button. I’ve got two new favorites today. Listening to them makes me realize how much I love two seemingly incongruous things in music: lush, sweeping violins, and minimalism.

First, the sweeping. This piece is called My Love and… and is from the Netlfix series The King Eternal Monarch and was composed by Park Jung-Hwan.

I just…I love it so much! It’s just sooo gooood. So sweepy and romantic.

And now for the minimalism. Okay, music folx may criticize me here cause I’m using the term minimalism, and I’m not entirely sure that I have that right. I love this piece just as much as the sweeping lushness of My Love and… even though it’s totally different.

Threads by Vanbur is so simple, but it catches my mind every time and fills it with images. Which for a writer, is pretty much what you want.

Take care, dear readers. xx

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