Non-Scary Halloween Favorites

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Those who know me personally understand that I do not like to be scared. I am the type of person that might jump if you call my name too loudly, even though we are in the same room and I saw you coming.

I still manage to enjoy Halloween, focusing on the cute pumpkins, happy children, and yummy treats instead of the gore, thrills, and psychological scariness of the holiday. Maybe it’s because I have kids now, but I feel like Halloween costumes and decorations are getting scarier and gorier each year.

The question of why that is (or even if that is) would need a whole blog post to itself, so we’ll set that aside and focus on what I consider to be the good parts of Halloween. This year, my kids won’t be trick-or-treating, but we can still have fun! Here is a short list of some of our favorites Halloween things.

Pumpkin Carving

Pin van Leanne op Jack
Sadly, I can’t find who created this adorable pumpkin. I love it though!

My kids have always loved carving pumpkins, and my husband is a gem and takes over the messy bits for me. I’m thinking of trying this cute idea. A pumpkin house!

Cute Movies/TV Shows

We have a super-low tolerance for scary. I mean, the old Disney Halloween specials are too spooky for us. But this Curious George special has been a hit with my kids. It’s pretty darn cute. Other good options include the Blue’s Clues Halloween specials and the classic Buffy the Vampire Episode “Fear Itself” (for older kids).

Halloween Treats

Crescent Mummy Dogs
Hot dog mummies. Courtesy of

Candy aside, themed treats are just fun. We’re planning on making these cute hot dog mummies this year. There will also be lots of pumpkin flavored things, because I just can’t get enough.

I plan on getting myself a non-scary Halloween themed romance novel, making myself a chai latte, and enjoying Halloween to its non-scary fullest. I hope you and yours can do the same.

Stay healthy. Stay safe. Take care, dear readers.

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