One of my current works in progress, Fidelity, features a hero from Australia. As I’ve followed the news coming out of Australia, I can’t help but wonder how Graham (my character) would feel about it all. The fires have been raging since November of last year. I wish I could say I’ve been following the crisis from the beginning, but I have not.

I have a long relationship with anxiety and depression, and I have learned over the years that too much news leads me into a spiral. Yet, now I find that I’ve let myself swing too far into isolationism. What I really need is a news summary that I can dip into and then get out of as soon as possible, so as not to be sucked into the swell of almighty depression that comes from realizing you are living in a terrible age full of apocalyptic suffering. See what happens?

In an effort to bring myself up to speed, I did a little research this morning on what has been happening in Australia. I thought it was worth sharing.

First, if you need a good summary of what’s been going on, try this Time article. Warning, it includes videos of the destruction which are disturbing. The article contains some very helpful graphics, too. Toward the bottom of the article, it contains links to various charitable organizations that are helping those affected by the fires. Next, head to NPR for a good article about the crisis, just published on January 10.

When I learn about crises such as what is happening in Australia, I have a tendency to become so overwhelmed that I do nothing. So I have a three fold plan this time. First, I will choose a charity to donate monitary funds to. Second, I will spread what I learn to those that I know. And Third, I will continue to do my part to help the climate crisis.

Much love to those affected by the fires in Australia. Graham and I are with you in spirit.

1 thought on “Australia”

  1. Despite your fears and anxiety your compassionate heart comes shining through. Not only did you share your personal struggles, you showed us that there is always a way to muster the courage to go above and beyond who we are to ease, even in some small way, the suffering of others. Thank you Brigid and bless you!


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