Other Works in Progress

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The opposite of historical

I actually write in a few different genres, although all my pieces are romantic in nature. Why? Because I love a happily ever after ending. Quite simple, really. I adore historical romances, and have written several, including one that has actually been accepted (squee! check it out here). My current work in progress, however, is not historical in the slightest. In fact, it’s set in the future.

Tale as old as time

At its core, my latest work is a classic romance. A young woman meets a young man, there is attraction, obstacles to overcome, and love to be found. What’s different for me this time is the setting. Sora, the heroine, lives in Florida–in the future. Far enough in the future that hovercars are a thing, and people live on the moon, but not so far off that things are unrecognizable.

The hook brings you back…hopefully

So without further ado, I give you my hook. That is, the little sentence that gives you the briefest taste of what the novel is about. When 20-year-old programmer Sora intercepts an incriminating message from an unknown sender, she must decide whom to trust as she races to save Earth from intergalactic war.

The problem is, I don’t have a title. This is not surprising. Old professors at Maryville University could tell you all about my lame titles. I’m open to ideas! Naming stories is just plain difficult. I might have to let my husband name this one. He’s an idea man.

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